Thermal experience

Access to the site includes outdoor spas, eucalyptus steam bath, Finnish sauna, cold pool, access to the river and rest areas. A locker key and two towels are provided. Reservations are required as places are limited.

Taxes not included

4 hours access          $ 55

4 hours access : from 10 am to 2 pm OR 2:30 to 6:30 pm.

All day access         $ 70

Included from opening to closing time.

Evening access       $ 40

Valid on Fridays and Saturdays (5 to 9 p.m.) until April 30.
Then back in Fall.






Regular schedule reserved for 16 years old and over. Exceptionnaly for Summer, the minimum age requirement is lowered to 13 years from Sunday to Thursday. An accompanying person (16 years old and over) must then be present. Reservations by phone at 450 827-8555.

Swimsuit and sandals are mandatory, bathrobe and bottle of water are optional. A locker key and two towels are included. No reimbursement for access to the site in the event of bad weather.


Memberships are now available for the thermal experience and offer you an unlimited number of visits for the duration selected. Purchase at the spa only.


Monthly $250.00

Quaterly $535.00

Biannualy $775.00

Annualy $1170.00

One membership per person. The subscription cannot be shared or transferred. Possibility of reserving, depending on availability, to ensure a place. No cash value or refund. Cannot be combined with another promotion.



Bathrobe  8.50 $                  Blancket 4.00 $

Promotional items

Signature reusable plastic water bottle 5.00 $

Signature reusable glass water bottle 20.00 $

Signature tuque 25.00 $

Signature bathrobe 85.00 $

Taxes not included.



The and herbal tea                2.00 $

Coffee                                        3.00 $

Apple sparking juice             3.00 $

Protein bar                               3.50 $

Nuts                                          4.00 $

Hummus and crackers        4.00 $

Grape and cheese                 5.50 $

Salad of the day                     7.00 $

Lunch combo                       16.00 $

Taxes not included.